BPP Headquarters
West Madison Ave. Chicago

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Dep Chairman
Fred Hampton
circa 1969

Slide Show from the 40th Commemoration

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Polly & children at Southside Office

Polly & children at Southside Office

Illinois Speaks For Itself

While much is known and much has been written about the December 4th 1969 assassinations of Black Panther Party Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton and Peoria, IL Defense Captain Mark Clark, little has been said about the Illinois Chapter. Its rank and file members did the Party work, selling newspapers, managing the Survival Programs serving the People, while under attack by local law enforcement and the F.B.I. U.S. Government’s
Cointelpro (Counter Intelligence Program).

There were nine (9) Panthers* in the West
Monroe apartment at 4:30 am on December 4th 1969 when the special State and Chicago Police assault team carried out their assignment;
“To prevent the rise of a ‘Black Messiah’ who would unite the Black masses”; assassinating Fred Hampton and Mark Clark.

Black Panther Party members had varied
responsibilities and specific assignments. Illinois Chapter members were dispatched across the state and across the country. Many were arrested and jailed, some went underground, 4 were killed, one was killed in exile outside the U.S.

Through the Illinois Chapter History Project, Illinois chapter members tell their stories;
Illinois Speaks for Itself.

*Survivors of the December 4th police assault:
Blair Anderson
Harold Bell
Verlina Brewer
Brenda Harris, wounded
Deborah Johnson (Akua Njeri)
Ronald Doc Satchel, wounded
Louis Truelock (Deceased)

...the Beat Goes On!

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