Prof. Yitzḥak Chave's life story

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Prof. Jacob Choueka
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Professor (emeritus) of computer science, head of the Friedberg Cairo Geniza Computerization Project, chief editor of the dictionary 'Rav Milim'
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Liran Osi
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General translation: Prof. Choueka tells about his brother, Prof. Yitzḥak Chavet. He worked at the Ministry of Defense and then was sent to study chemistry in France. His PhD. topic focused on the separation of isotopes. He then came back to work at the Ministry of Defense.

He built an isotope separator called “Meir”ah”, which is a ‘powerful isotope separator’, which was the best isotope separator in the world.

During the 60’s and 70’s (of the 20th century) whilst scientists continued to learn and progress to proceed with the development of the project, he was nominated for presidency.

He changed his surname from 'Choueka' to Chavet' when he left the country to study chemistry in France'.