Afghan love song

In memory of my parents, Levi and Zruia Kurt


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Seno Zruia Kurt
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Miri Kurt Sudek
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A pen carved from my bones,

Ink I will take from the artery of my soul,

A letter I will write on the septum of my heart,

To my dear beloved good were the days where we sat together,

With pen on a paper we wrote to him the pen broke and the paper the wind took,

Why the days of our parting we wrote the pen yellowed,

And the paper is yellow leaf,

I will write a letter for a long journey

If I will give it to the gazelle - the forest will take

I will give a fish - the sea will take

The bird I will give - her feathers precious,

The car I will give so that will arrive faster

Oh car take the letter and give my dear beloved

Tell him your loved one sends her greetings