Purim in Kerman

Dedicated to my parents, Cochava and Moshe Shergian (R.I.P). My father was baal torah and my mother a righteous woman. 

Name of speaker: 
David Shergian
Gender of speaker: 
Occupation of speaker: 
Agriculturalist and phone technician
Age of speaker at time of recording: 
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Conversation topics: 
Galit Peleg
Year of recording: 



When Purim arrived we used to make halva by mixing nuts with pistachios. My grandmother used to make plenty and send it to all the children. When I was a boy, we used to play games with nuts. We used to place them in rows, and each child, in turn, used to throw a nut from afar. If that nut touched other nuts, then the child would gain all these nuts and form a pile. There used to be 4 to 5 children playing, taking nuts one by one and throwing them. 

Translation to Hebrew: David Shergian; Typing: Galit Peleg

Translation to English: Hila Sharon