Work and study

Name of speaker: 
Sima Buḥbut
Gender of speaker: 
Occupation of speaker: 
Domestic worker, jam and liquor making, and jewellery design
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Yaʿel Wecsler
Year of recording: 
Sima Buḥbut


For 11 years I learned how to raise my children, and human relations, one hour a week at the Adler Institute in the most beautiful way. Then I studied English for six years once a week. I can read, write and speak. Then I had a knee replacement, which thanks to that I managed to decorate the house with glassware, clay, wooden boxes and lots of bowls and plates and flower vase for seven years. After that I went to study the art of beading. I made necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. I sold anything you can think of. Everything. Donuts, cookies, food, cakes. My husband worked for the Municipality of Petaḥ Tikva and earned very little. It wasn’t even enough to eat. Slowly the children grew up and got married and we were left alone. Like two loving brothers, we lack nothing, and we thank God for everything. I interviewed and wrote stories of our village elders. We miss nothing, everything is good and beautiful.