The Jew and the Jugs

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Luiz Ben-Eliyahu
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Dr. Assaf Bar-Moshe
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The Jew and the jar It was… There were many… around four or five Jewish men, every Saturday they used to fill their pockets with watermelon seeds, and there was a coffee shop, they went to sit in the coffee shop. Then… they were sitting in the coffee shop, And there was someone who had a donkey on which he used to load jugs. He went to sell them. Every time he used to pass by (the coffee shop) he saw them and started to curse and to come down on the Jews. One time, One of the men that sat there said: No one but me can deal with him. What do you intend to do to him? he told them: I won't say. I will do the thing and then (you will see). He (the donkey owner) came by all cocky on Saturday cursing and coming down on the Jews. The other one prepared a needle, got close to the donkey, (and) pricked his ears with the needle. It hurt him (the donkey), (it was a) strong prick. It hurt him, and he started to jump. He shook off and all the jugs fell down on the ground. This guy went to complain about him, to the police. They brought him (to the police). Why did you break his jugs? he told him (to the police officer): I didn't break his jugs. I went to whisper in his (the donkey's) ears. I told him: If you are a Jew who is the son of a Jew like he says, how come... today is Saturday, How come you work on Saturdays? And he got angry and shook off his cargo. I have nothing to do with it (rhetorically: what do I have with it?). They told him (to the donkey's owner): Quickly! They kicked him out, The donkey's owner. And he (the Jew) came out innocent.

Translation is provided by courtesy of Dr. Assaf Bar-Moshe